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BoCa Flavor

USA Made. CARIBBEAN Infused. Altogether, BOLD.

Although we're all familiar with taste, it is surprisingly a complex and puzzling concept. Have you ever sat back and thought about your sense of taste? When we eat, what sends a signal to our brain that says, "Hmm...this is amazing!"? Well, the human tongue (and associated receptors in the mouth) have 7 taste dials at its disposal - salty, sweet, sour, bitter, umami, fat, heat - and using different herbs and spices is the best way to activate these taste dials, making the most basic recipes taste new and interesting. These spice combinations also play a key role in various cultures' cuisines and often sets them apart from other types of food. Exploring these cultures through their unique cuisines can offer perspective and insight into so many exciting and tasty new flavors. BoCa Flavor thrives in this regard. BoCa Flavor livens up your kitchen through a fusion of bold Caribbean-inspired seasonings. Each spice blend is hand-crafted with the nostalgic essence of the islands and the authentic ingredients they are known for.

"Our blends take the Caribbean flavor profile beyond curry and jerk and unveil the depth and breadth of what makes the Caribbean so unique," said Jelece Morris, Co-Founder of BoCa Flavor.

At their base, spices are made from bark, buds, fruits, roots, seeds or stems of various plants or trees. BoCa Flavor uses these different spices and mixes them together to make delicious Caribbean style blends that you can put on anything including meat, popcorn, fruits, vegetables, and more.

Making their splash on to the culinary scene, BoCa Flavor targets American millennial foodies with interests in the Caribbean or Caribbean food. They were founded out of a distinct vision to share bold Caribbean flavors with the world. When best friends and co-founders Suzanne Delica and Jelece Morris, of Haitian and Jamaican descent respectfully, got together in 2020 they saw an opportunity to create something rooted in unity during a time of turmoil. What better way to help heal the soul than through the comfort of food! Together, they are bringing traditional Caribbean flavors to the rest of the world, with a modern twist. Delica and Morris created BoCa Flavor to honor the timeless and authentic tones of the islands by fusing all-natural spices together to make vibrant, gourmet blends with staple island ingredients.

"We are foodies at heart! We want to bring a modern, all-natural brand rooted in Caribbean traditions to the food market in America," said Morris. "We hope to bring awareness to the diversity of Caribbean cuisine by unveiling the breadth and depth of its flavors and culinary techniques. We want to disrupt the food market in America and gain a following that proves Caribbean flavors are synonymous with bold, savory foods and good enough for everyday consumption. "

BoCa Flavor in the Community:

In their quest to deliver immense flavors to their customers, they spare no expense at helping the community. While working to share the goodness of the Caribbean with the world, they have also partnered with non-profit organizations, "What If Foundation" and "Food For The Poor", to support their respective food programs in the Caribbean. The What If Foundation benefits Haitian children living in poverty by delivering food and education. Food For The Poor gives aid to Caribbean and Latin American countries by supplying food to the poor, especially after a devastating hurricane season.

Jelece Morris is a first-generation Jamaican-American born in Queens, NY, and raised in South Florida. Her love for food, Jamaica, and all things business made BoCa Flavor a passion unveiled. As an engineer, cooking has become synonymous with making endless science experiments in the kitchen. She aspires to leverage the BoCa Flavor brand to diversify the way people think of the Caribbean and bring a modern twist to the traditions we love. Jelece holds an MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, an M.S. in Industrial Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and a B.S. in Computer Engineering from the University of Florida. In her spare time, Jelece enjoys traveling the world, exploring the outdoors, listening to music, supporting BIPOC Millennials in wealth-building activities, and eating avocados in any way possible.

Suzanne Delica is a first-generation Haitian-American born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, FL. She holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Florida and an MBA in Marketing & Entrepreneurship from Southern New Hampshire University. A serial entrepreneur since 2007, Suzanne has founded and supported numerous startups in addition to opening the first Clothes Mentor franchise in Maryland. Suzanne and her partner Jason have a toddler-aged son, Elias, and a Bichon Frise-Poodle mixed dog named Duke. She enjoys food, fashion, fitness, music, traveling, and exploring the great outdoors with her family in tow.

Final Words from BoCa Flavor:

"BoCa Flavor was created by foodies with strong ties to their Caribbean roots. We are on a quest to honor our ancestors by living out their wildest dreams."

If you would like to purchase any products from BoCa Flavor, visit any of the links below!

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