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Color Swap Cards

A New Educational Card Game Taking The World By Storm.

Group card games are a staple for any household gathering or game night. Whether it be UNO®, Phase 10™, or a simple game of spades, there is no denying that card games have provided much entertainment to family and friends for decades. With so many well-established games in the market already, what does it take for a new game to insert themselves into card game royalty? It has to be unique, captivating, and appealing. Introducing Color Swap Cards, a card game that is both fun to play and an excellent learning tool for growing, young minds.

Education in the Cards

Developers have been trying to find different ways to utilize card games in the area of education for years, and studies have shown that individuals tend to learn faster and achieve better retention when they are enjoying the learning process. Color Swap Cards addresses this need in a fun and intriguing way. The overall purpose is to be the first person to get rid of all the cards in your hand by using different color combinations and strategic moves to ensure your opponents continue to hold cards, so the learning is not just in the colors but also in critical and strategic thinking.

Here is an example of the basic rules:

Color Swap Cards uses number of specialty cards that make the game a little more interesting:

  • Draw Three - similar to the Draw Four in UNO®

  • Undo - forces the previous player to pick up the card they most recently played

  • Skip - takes away any player's next turn

  • Wild - allows you to change the color of the top card on the discard pile or change the direction of the game completely

See below for videos on how these cards are put into play:





This game is truly taking the world by storm as Tashiah Eatman (Owner/CEO) has already secured a following that allows her to explore different avenues of exposure with education being at the forefront.

"The original intent of this company was to make a new game that everyone would love to play, but after doing research studies, it's clear this game is much more than that. To be able to be used in a school setting to assist in the learning of young minds is a dream. We have been able to speak with teachers of all backgrounds and all have said they would utilize this game in their classroom."  - Tashiah Eatman

Although educational at its core, this game can be played by anybody. We, at The Royal Crown, had the opportunity to play this game, and we spent hours coming up with new strategies on how to win (because what's a card game without house rules?). It is truly an enjoyable game, and we completely recommend it whether you want to use it for educational purposes or if you just want to have a fun family game night.

About The CEO

Tashiah Eatman is a native from South New Jersey and has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Temple University. She is currently employed by The Naval Surface Warfare Center, Philadelphia Division as a Mechanical Engineer Project Lead. "I want to use this company to help educators find new innovative ways to teach and also bring friends and families together," said Eatman. "This game is super fun to play but also can be education for young kids. Whether it's for kids just understanding their colors or helping kids learn the English language, we can make a huge difference in children's lives." 

You can purchase your pack of Color Swap Cards at

You can also follow them on the following social media outlets:

Twitter: @colorswapcards

Instagram: @colorswapcards

YouTube: @colorswapcards

Facebook: Color Swap Cards

UNO® & Phase 10™ are registered trademarks of Mattel Games™.

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