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Cozy Conference

Comfort and Relatability in a world of Drama, Hatred, and Triggers.

We live in a crazy world today: a pandemic has altered our way of living to a point where we can't go outside without a facial covering, our government is prioritizing economic gain over human lives, and people are taking to the streets to protest the apparent social injustice that has existed in this country for centuries. Dealing with any one of these issues could be a daunting task, but in today's world, we have to manage all three at the same time. Handling all of these challenges can be a bit much and understandably, some people may need a bit of help to get through it all. This is the core purpose of Cozy Conference, a YouTube channel that offers an intimate setting with a host that everyone can relate to. They discuss a wide variety of topics that our community faces everyday, including but not limited to mental health and wellness; self esteem and confidence; healthy habits; relationships; book reviews; hair and clothing alteration tutorials; and general stories. Each of these discussions offers real life accounts of their respective topics and potential ways to handle the situations in a very engaging and inviting manner.

"I wanted to have a platform for sharing the information I've been given through my experiences and learning. I know that my words and the way I explain things has an affect on people. It also helps me organize my revelations when I am able to share my findings with others." - Michelle Warren

Cozy Conference aims to help people be the best version of themselves through relatability, vulnerability, and comfort. Creator, Michelle Warren, wanted to develop a space where she could not only help other people but also help herself by gaining a better understanding of her own life experiences. "If there is one person to listen, if there's one person I can help, I feel my job is done," said Warren. Cozy Conference differs from your traditional talk show by offering raw emotion and involving the viewer in more of a conversation opposed to just speaking to an unknown audience. This brings about a warm and open environment, allowing you to feel like you're just talking with a friend. You can catch an example of that below.

Michelle Warren was born and raised in Norfolk, VA. She attended Howard University where she attained a degree in Electrical Engineering, and currently lives in Seattle, Washington working as an Electrical Engineer for The Boeing Company. She is passionate about teaching and learning and uses every experience to create lessons for herself.

"I'm the second oldest of my 5 sisters, so I'm always in a big sis mode, taking what I learn and sharing it with others. I believe the best guide to life is experience, and it's my duty to share any found wisdom, no matter how big or small!"

You can find Cozy Conference videos below:

Youtube Channel: Cozy Conference

Instagram: @michelledominica

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