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Deadstock DMV

The number one sneaker store in Maryland.

Jordans. Yeezys. Nike Air Foams. No matter what type of kicks you're into, one thing remains true; the sneaker community is one of the most versatile and rich in popular culture. Millions of people make it a point to attain the latest shoes by any means necessary, whether that means waiting in line overnight, frantically searching multiple mobile applications (SNKRS, Addidas, Footlocker etc), entering raffles, or even setting up bots to do all the work for them. This is the life of a bonafide sneaker connoisseur, also known as a sneakerhead. Sneakerheads are enthusiasts that collect, trade, and/or sell sneakers as a hobby. Generally, they are well-versed in the history of this style of shoe and study the market carefully. If you present them with a pair of sneakers, they can tell you their value, make and history.

Many of these individuals become "go-to" resellers due to their ability to attain the most anticipated and rare shoes in the world. No one does this better than Deadstock DMV, the number one sneaker store in Maryland. As a Black-owned and operated family business, Deadstock DMV gets their name from their ability to produce some of the rarest sneakers for their customers at the best prices around. With weekly deals, exclusive drops, and an emphasis on providing for the community, Deadstock DMV has undoubtedly set themselves apart from other sneaker boutiques.

Specialized in selling Yeezy's, Jordan's, Foamposite's and other exclusive items, Deadstock DMV holds a vast inventory of some of the most coveted shoes and products in the world. They even sell fashionable clothes from A Bathing Ape to Supreme products. This establishment is a sneakerhead's dream, as they offer opportunities to buy, trade, or sell your old products. Their services are detailed below:

  • If you are interested in buying:

    • you can visit them in person or buy online on their website

    • they offer shipping services worldwide within 24-48 hours of purchase so no matter where you are, you can receive any item of your choice

  • If you are interested in selling:

    • the process is unbelievably easy

    • you can send them pictures of your sneakers and your asking price, and they will get back to you within a few hours with a cash offer

    • they also operate as a consignment shop, meaning you can use their platform to sell your sneakers at your desired price, and they will take a small percentage of the sale price

Regardless of the kind of business you desire, you will always have peace of mind knowing that all products go through a rigorous authentication process. Deadstock DMV has a firm policy of only selling and buying 100% authentic goods.

"We love our community and the customers we meet and interact with daily at Deadstock DMV. Our mission is to help develop and inspire the youth and our community to be successful and create generational wealth. Our goal is to provide a safe and honest environment for people to buy, sell, and trade popular and rare items at the most affordable price." - Brandon Oredugba, Co-owner of Deadstock DMV

About the owners and community activities:

Owners, Brandon Oredugba and Antoine Lewis are both native to Waldorf, MD. Oredugba graduated from Morgan State University while on a football scholarship and has over 13 years experience in security services. He is also co-founder of the Collab and Clash community event.

Lewis and Oredugba are extremely family oriented. Both married with children, they make it a point to invest within the community which is evident by the events they host. They host everything from cookouts, sip & paints, basketball tournaments, coat drives and much more, all aimed at helping and providing a safe place for the community to congregate and spend their time. They are especially active with the youth, sponsoring and facilitating a youth sports organization that teaches kids the rules and basics of sports while providing them with entrepreneurial and business skills which will make them job ready for any career they pursue.

With a wide array of options and obvious care and concern about the community, it's easy to see why Deadstock DMV is the number one sneaker shop in Maryland. Their success and business model is unquestioned due to the remarkable leadership of Oredugba and Lewis. They continue to help impact the sneakerhead community as they recently announced that they will be expanding to Washington DC, Arlington VA, and Atlanta, GA. Don't miss out on their sales, opportunities, and community events.

You can check them out at the following links below:


IG: @deadstocksmv

Facebook: deadstock dmv

Twitter: @deadstocksmv

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