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Dogwood Goodes

Engineering, Design, Art, or Micro-Manufacturing

Dogwood Goodes is the number one place for efficient multi-functional products.

The manufacturing of components or devices on a micro scale, especially by the use of microlithography

This is the field Chief Executive Officer, Donovan Goode is entering. Dogwood Goodes aims to positively impact the community while providing wonderful products in the space of micro-manufacturing. Utilizing their platform, Dogwood Goodes is serving the community by printing 3D face visors for local hospitals in Washington, DC in response to COVID-19 and the nation's need for PPE to protect our health professionals.

Dogwood Goodes is also auctioning off many of their products with 100% of the proceeds going to The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). With the core of the business focusing on social impact, Dogwood Goodes actively searches for opportunities to help and inspire the community. Rachel Goode, Jonathan Goode, and Jonathan Hazely round out the Board of Directors for this extraordinary company as they look to take the Micro-Manufacturing market by storm. Check out some of their items below, and if you would like to bid on their products, we have provided the link to the auction site.

Dogwood Goodes Website:

Instagram: @DogwoodGoodes

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