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Donnie LeYae

Be Positive, Be Unique and Be You. 

Have you ever been getting dressed and wished you had that one accessory that would take your entire ensemble to the next level? Maybe it's as simple as choosing hanging earrings instead of studs, a luxury watch over a smart watch, or a pendant necklace versus pearls. When it comes to accessorizing, jewelry has always been essential to customizing an outfit and offering a completely new look. Whether the products are beaded, carved, or painted, one piece of jewelry can make all the difference when putting together any outfit. In the world of handmade jewelry, artists utilize many varieties of metals and gemstones in their work such as silver, gold, and diamonds. Many contemporary jewelry artists make use of even more diverse materials (such as glass beads, fabric, or acrylic) as well as organic/natural materials (such as wood, leather, shells, or horns). In fact, jewelry made from these materials has gained an immense amount of popularity in the world. Techniques for handcrafted products have been developed in multiple cultures throughout time, contributing to some of the most unique pieces in the world. Handmade jewelry is truly an art, and Donnie LeYae excels at this art. Focusing on the value of the earth and the healing properties it offers, Donnie LeYae's products are made with natural resources and materials with symbolic meaning and representation, targeting jewelry lovers of all generations.

Founder, Donyae Scott created the Donnie LeYae brand because of her love for collecting unique and one-of-a-kind handcrafted pieces. She views the pieces she creates as a form of art and strives to educate her customers on the use of natural beads and quality materials/resources. "I hope to share my form of art and hope to educate and uplift people," said Scott when asked about her vision for Donnie LeYae. With a wide variety of beads and styles, Donnie LeYae services and ships to customers nationwide. They even offer opportunities for you to create your own custom jewelry if you have a specific idea in mind.

While specializing in the creation of custom bracelets, necklaces, and waist beads, Donnie LeYae is also extremely active within the community. They have donated an abundance of products to multiple fundraisers and donated their time and services to a number of non-profit organizations. Scott believes that giving back heals and enriches the community. Her generosity has even been extended to us here at The Royal Crown. For every person that enters our raffle for the month of September, Donnie LeYae is offering a promotion code of 10% off their products between September 1 - 30. They are also providing items for the raffle, including a limited edition Black Lives Matter/Black Pride bracelet set and a limited edition HBCU bracelet set, carefully crafted and designed for the winner. Proceeds are going towards the Rock The Vote Campaign. (More details below.)

About the Founder:

Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI, Donyae Scott is a Management Consultant for a global management consulting and professional services firm. She works with a diversity of clients and helps with the implementation of project coordination, reporting and analytics, and more. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Accounting from Clark Atlanta University and her Masters in Accounting from Western Governors University. Outside of her career and being a business owner, she is the Director of Accounting and Finance for a Houston based non-profit called TWST4GIRLS. Her goal for TWST4GIRLS is to build a financial framework that will be sustainable for future growth and development. She has a diversity of volunteer experience and is passionate about enriching and developing the lives of the youth. Not only that, Scott is on the directors board where she offers financial insights, implements budgeting and helps build the financial platform.   

Promotion Code and Contact Information

If you would like to receive your 10% promocode, please visit and enter the raffle. We will then email you a confirmation along with your unique discount code. If you would like to check out Donnie LaYae, please visit the links below.

Website -

IG - Donnie_LeYae

FB - Donnie LeYae'

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