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MJ's Thoughtful Designz, LLC

Thoughtful Designs with you in mind.

In a world filled with an abundance of cookie cutter handiwork, it’s a breath of fresh air to know there is still some level of individuality that exists. Finding ways to customize our possessions is an ever growing market as people are continuously striving to put their own flair on things. There are personalization options for just about any product you can think of, and a popular genre of items includes clothing and home décor (Blankets, towels, throw pillows, you name it). This is exactly where MJ’s Thoughtful Designz excels. They have a passion for bridging the gap between what the market offers and what customers are actually seeking to have in their homes, adding their own unique touch on common household items. They use crafting techniques such as embroidery and screen printing to add creativity to their customers’ lives, offering services on a multitude of house items including towels, wash cloths, and children's clothing.

“Sewing and embroidery was a therapeutic outlet in a time where I was unsure of how to deal with stress, anxiety, and coming home from a military deployment,” said owner, Britneé Dickerson when asked about her path towards her craft. Much like other first-time business owners, when approached about starting her own practice, she hesitated given her workload but became inspired by others to push through and start up MJ’s Thoughtful Designz. She quickly became the go-to embroiderer within her network for a variety of items and is always filled with joy delivering the final product to each and every one of her customers.

"This company was built with the vision of providing customers with the ability to personalize each product to their own satisfaction without removing from the original vision of the design, satisfying many of the gaps in the market. The goal is to provide each customer the feeling and the joy of knowing that their product was made just for them." - Britnee' Dickerson - Founder and CEO

About the Founder and Final Words:

Dickerson hails from Washington, DC and is a two-time graduate of the illustrious Howard University. She currently works as an IT Specialist for the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and serves as a Network Control Center Specialist for the U.S. Air Force. She enjoys sewing, embroidery, photography, reading, and enjoying time with her family.

"I would like to create products that fit us as a community but also ones that allow people to express their individuality. Eventually I would like to donate money to high school students, college students, or college organizations, to assist with tuition or specific cause."

You can find MJ’s Thoughtful Designz products at:

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