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Updated: Jul 1, 2020

A New School Rapper With An Old School Hip-Hop Flow.

When you think of true Hip-Hop artists, who comes to mind first? Maybe you go with J. Cole, Wale, or Kendrick Lamar? Or maybe you go back to the 2000's and draw inspiration from rappers like Nas, Andre 3000, or Jay-Z. No matter the era, one thing is certain; each of these artists are top tier lyricists in the Hip-Hop world that exhibit unique abilities, separating them from everyone else. Being able to create a beat or catchy tune is one thing, but having the unique ability to create a thought provoking rhyme to match that same beat is a technical skill set only exceptional artists possess. Insert here Sabataj (Tajgi Fields), a New York-born rapper who focuses his craft on lyricism and storytelling.

"My lyrical content, flow, and style of rapping contains the best of both Hip-Hop worlds. In a world of mumble rap and trap music, the real poetry is lost. I’m bringing it back to the forefront in a generation that seems to have lost touch with meaning in songs in favor of a hype beat. Whenever I speak, people listen. I want them to hear the messages from a man out of time."

Recognized for truly focusing on the artistry of music and creativity, Sabataj has been invited to perform multiple times at Elon University, one of the top ranked institutions in the country for music production, and has also made it to the latter rounds of Simon Cowell's television music competition, "The X Factor".

Currently, he is focusing his music on the the COVID-19 pandemic and Black Lives Matter movement. "I put positive messages in my music and rap about topics everybody can relate to. Most recently the pandemic and police brutality. Music has helped me through hard times and I hope that I can help others with the talent I’ve been blessed with. I hope to bring awareness to real world problems that myself, minorities, and the world in general deals with through music", said Sabataj. You can check out "Ten Quarantine Commandments" (a throwback to "The Ten Crack Commandments" for all the Notorious B.I.G. fans out there) below:

Sabataj hails from The Bronx, NY and currently resides in North Carolina. With a strong background in Hip-Hop culture, he holds a degree in Music Production and Recording Arts from Elon University. He has been making music since he was 13 years old, with a lot of his art focusing on New York, J Dilla, and 9th Wonder Style Production. He hopes to take his talents to the next level as he ventures out into the next phase of his career.

"I want people to view me as not just another black male who thinks they can rap because it’s cool, but as a Hip-Hop Artist. An emcee. Someone whose life and mentality revolves around the genre. The difference is a rapper says words. An emcee moves and uplifts people."

You can check out his music on all music streaming platforms. We have also included a few of his songs on our website. If you like what you hear, visit the Spotify link below for the rest of his album:

IG: @sabataj_bronx

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