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SheTooStem Podcast

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

"Black women exploring our experiences, encouraging one another, and promoting STEM."

Helping to build the community and increase the number of black women in STEM fields.

SheTooSTEM provides an amazing platform that connects listeners to a multitude of resources such as scholarships, job training, tips, and books. The podcast also features topnotch expert advice as it has hosted and interviewed a number of special guests with exceptional expertise, ranging from starting a business/non-profit to matriculation up the corporate ladder. As a true mover and shaker, SheTooSTEM aims to spread their message through multiple avenues such as serving as guest stars on "The Friend Zone Podcast" and hosting their first ever live show at the 45th Annual Convention of the National Society of Black Engineers Convention, a platform that reached over 14,000 listeners. 

The extraordinary women that make up SheTooSTEM are native to Detroit, MI and met while attending Wayne State University.

Kayla Jordan is a sound engineer working for an audio company that supports the automotive industry. She also hosts a podcast, "Melanated Budget", sharing her journey to debt freedom and finances.  She owns a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering and an MBA in International Finance 

Jeseekia Vaughn is a software engineer working for a recently acquired tech start up. She also enjoys volunteering with Girl Develop It, teaching coding to girls and women, as well as video game streaming via Twitch. She is pursuing her degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Alanna Tremble-Winfrey is an industrial engineer working in scheduling and analytics for a utility company. In her spare time she works on service/community projects alone and with her sorority. She owns a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Engineering and is currently pursuing her MBA with a double concentration of Entrepreneurship and Human Resources.

SheTooSTEM has a very clear and important mission. As described from the hosts, "As black women, we understand it is meaningful to know that you are not alone in your experiences, good and bad. Our conversations are the "girlfriend" discussions you can have with the STEM flare and not feel alone."

You can checkout SheTooSTEM at the following outlets:

Instagram: @shetoostem

Twitter: @shetoostem

Facebook: SheTooSTEM

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