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Sleight The Poet/Weekly Words

One Man Conquering Two Worlds. Poetry and Christian Motivation at its Finest.

“You think you know, but you don’t”

When you first speak to Robert E. Timmons II (Sleight the Poet), certain qualities come to mind: quiet, mild-mannered, and reserved just to name a few. He has a certain humbleness that makes him a joy to be around. But behind the smile, there is a certain mysterious aura about Timmons. There is a feeling that this young man has much more to say about life in general. But how do you find out what such a quiet, humble person has on their heart? Well, if you ever have a chance to witness this young man perform on stage, you will truly be blown away. When Sleight steps onto a stage, his audience quickly discovers things are not always as they seem. And that is just the way he likes it. His onstage persona delivers a powerful, thought-provoking message. A story and explanation about a man who has experienced pain, loss, and hurt. A man who battles life daily, but through his faith, overcomes. Sleight allows the true feelings of Robert Timmons to manifest which an audience has no choice but to be inspired and motivated by.

"I started writing poetry as a way for me to express myself and process through my thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Often, I feel like the only way to adequately articulate myself is through poetry." - Robert Timmons

Timmons, a native Houstonian born to Robert and Arnetta Timmons, graduated

from the University of Pittsburgh, among the nation's most distinguished public universities, with a degree in Electrical Engineering. He admits that the prestigious education is a baseline for his ambition as a young adult. However, his love of structured, creative, verbal expression formed in his teens. He first inked his thoughts on paper as a release. Varied life experiences (including the loss of loved ones, unemployment, and leaving home to attend school) combined with a need to assemble flashes of vivid thoughts, images, and impressions nurtured the passion for manipulating words into meaningful expression. The practice became so cathartic that he nurtured the art; mastering the intricate composition of metaphors, parallels, allusions, sound, and rhythm into writing that he calls "intentional," an effective way to reach the masses. Sleight compiled his most significant works into his first poetry book, "Behind the Smile." which debuted on Amazon’s Top 100 for African American Poetry. The talented wordsmith is currently working on an audio version of the book.

Sleight's comfort on stage is unmatched. He caught the performance bug after earning critical acclaim for his extraordinary portrayal of "Eugene" in the University of Pittsburgh's

adaptation of "Yellowman," by Dale Orlandersmith. Through his poetry, he continues his

love of theater. He draws inspiration from the enduring brilliance of writer Langston

Hughes (a leader of the Harlem Renaissance), and the profound verses of contemporary

poet Ezekiel. He uses their creative influences to transform his spoken word into

exceptional pieces. His popularity also makes him an audience favorite at the renowned

Houston Improv, where he has unseated a crowd with his powerful performances.

Sleight views poetry as a resource that God has given him to process his life and help others do the same. Contrary to the earned name of "Sleight" (the self-proclaimed "walking deception"), this humble mission is as authentic as it gets.

"Overall, I want to be a voice for the voiceless and relate to those who struggle or have struggled with the same things as me. I believe that the details of our lives differ but the themes (love, hardship, pain, adversity) are all the same. And the only way we can get through it is together in community."

Weekly Words

Timmons is also very strong rooted in his Christian faith. During high school he was part of the Fellowship of Christina Athletes (FCA) which was very monumental in the development of his relationship with God. FCA birthed his desire to text out and post on social media a daily scripture. His hope was to give daily encouragement to those who were open to it. He continued to send out and post daily scriptures through 2016 but felt he needed to increase his dedication to providing encouragement by starting an inspirational web series. Although he felt scared and felt unqualified, after two years he finally started Weekly Words in 2018 to give midweek encouragement by sharing lessons and ideals he has learned and worked to implement through scripture, faith, and encouragement.

A new episode of Weekly Words is uploaded every Wednesday for viewers. Also, as part of the Weekly Words brand, Timmons has created the "Weekly Words Extended" podcast. This series offers an in-depth discussion about various topics for those viewers who desire more content, information, and motivation.

"The goal is to keep Weekly Words between 5 and 10 minutes, but often there is so much more I can say on the topic! Not to mention, other people’s perspective. I started the podcast to go deeper into each topic and give greater encouragement to my listeners by

bringing on a guest to gather another person’s perspective," said Timmons

Whether on stage, through video, or hosting a podcast, Robert Timmons is truly a man on a mission. Impact comes in many forms and through his motivational actions, this mild-mannered, quiet young man is truthfully making one of the loudest impacts that we at The Royal Crown have ever seen.

Words From Timmons:

"Since March, the corona virus and social injustice has directly impacted my mental, emotional, and spiritual state. I have used my poetry, and weekly words platform every step of the way to express my frustrations and sorrows and confusion to relate with my community and listeners. My hope is that we can process together and make change together. And

ultimately, realize that it is okay to not be okay. Overall, I want to be a voice for the voiceless and relate to those who struggle or have struggled with the same things as me. I believe that the details of our lives differ but the themes (love, hardship, pain, adversity) are all the same. And the only wat we can get through it is together in community. I want to encourage those who are discouraged and inspire those who feel like life is hopeless."

To follow Timmons and his poetry, Weekly Words, or for inquires about his book and/or upcoming shows, please visit the following:

Sleight the Poet

IG/Twitter: @sleightlypoetic



Weekly Words / Weekly Words Extended!

IG/Twitter: @sleightlypoetic


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