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Brandon Davis Art

Black modern art at it's finest.

For generations, black people have made strides within the world of art. Whether its music, poetry, photography, or portraits, creativity is never in short supply. Black artists have undoubtedly put their stamp on the world as their influence is seen in all strands of artistic DNA. This is certainly the case for Brandon Davis who specializes in the creation of digital art pieces. His catalogue consists of a variety of subjects, including comic/anime, foods, and personalized self portraits. When asked about the inspiration behind Brandon Davis Art, Davis said he wanted to create a platform to showcase his work and bring joy to those who need it.

"I've been drawing and painting ever since I can remember. From humble beginnings of copying Pokémon & Dragon Ball Z characters, my art has morphed and grown in ways that I never imagined. Currently I'm an Engineer by day, and an artist by night." - Brandon Davis

Davis' work has some philanthropic elements as well. He donates a percentage of all his proceeds to various organizations that help our community. "I look to spread joy and beauty through my art, especially during these difficult times," said Davis. "I hope to grow this business over-time and gain more experience doing commission work for clients."

Brandon Davis is originally from Michigan but now resides in North Carolina. He holds a Bachelor's of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from North Carolina A&T. He is now married and works at an engineering firm.

"I appreciate all of the support people have given me so far, and I look forward to seeing where things go from here!" - Brandon Davis

You can find more of Brandon Davis' artwork at the links and social media handles below:

Twitter: @BrandonDavisArt

Instagram: @BrandonDavisArt

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