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Glass Skin Co.

Quality skincare that's both accessible and easy to understand.

"We use our platform to promote overall health and wellness through skincare. We believe that skincare and a healthy lifestyle go hand-in-hand."

About Glass Skin Co.

Glass Skin Co. is a 100% Black woman owned and operated business that employs a 100% Black contract labor workforce. Led by CEO, Tranice Warner, Glass Skin Co. is making waves within the industry by providing quality skincare that's both accessible and easy to understand. With a target audience of primarily Black women, men, and people of color ages 18-34, Glass Skin Co.'s products are carefully formulated and broken down to their core ingredients, allowing consumers to make informed and educated decisions when making purchases. They focus on designing gentle, easy to use products with the most sensitive skin types in mind by avoiding ingredients that have been proven to sensitize or irritate the skin. The products are cruelty-free, vegan, and contain ingredients that are domestically sourced.

"I created this company because I saw a need in my community," said Tranice. "I have a chemistry background and extremely sensitive skin, so I can pick up a product off the shelf, read the ingredients, and decide intuitively if the product is for me or not. I know the ingredients, and I know my skin very well. The more interested I became with skincare, the more I realized that there are many people who do not have this ability, and skincare is a trial and error process for them. I also realized very quickly that some of my favorite high-quality, sensitive skin-friendly products were priced out of reach for most of the people I knew. I don't know many people who are willing to pay $40-50 for one cleanser, no matter how good it is for their skin; they would much rather use drugstore bar soap. I wanted to create products that were unique in texture, free of sensitizing ingredients (parabens, dyes, fragrances, silicon, harsh alcohols and surfactants, and essential oils), while promoting sustainable consumerism." 

Environmental Responsibility

Glass Skin Co. has moral, social, and economic obligations to sustainable consumerism and environmental stewardship. To support this, they do not pack their products in traditional, disposable, single use boxes. Instead, items ship in reusable canvas pouches made of recyclable glass, to limit the amount of waste produced by consumer consumption. Rather than using traditional bubble or plastic wrap, they use recyclable packing shreds and paper to protect items during shipping, and some products may consist of upcycled bottles and jars, adding to their mission of environmental responsibility.

Response to COVID-19

Tranice Warner launched Glass Skin Co. in March 2020 and has had remarkable success in three short months. They've already sold approximately 35,000 units and made charitable donations to Beauty 2 The Streetz, local hospitals, the County of Los Angeles, Black Lives Matter, the ACLU, and the Minnesota Freedom Fund. Specifically, Glass Skin Co. was able to donate over 1,200 masks to local non-profit organizations during the peak of the COVID-19 crisis and made KN-95 masks available for their consumers at market prices while many other companies chose to take the opportunity to price gouge. Understanding that COVID-19 affects the Black community at significantly higher rates due to the preexisting condition of systemic racism in America, Glass Skin Co. was also able to donate 100 KN-95 masks to Black Lives Matter protesters in Hollywood shortly after the tragic murder of George Floyd. Moreover, they have dedicated 25% of their net profits from May 30 - June 30 to organizations committed to dismantling anti-Black institutions and 100% of merchandise sales (June 8 - June 16) to the ACLU and other organizations and funds that support justice and the advancement of Black people in America. 

About the CEO

Tranice is originally from Kansas City, MO, and spent a considerable amount of time in Charlotte, NC. She earned her B.S. degree in Civil Engineering, focusing in water resources and geotechnical systems from California State University, Fresno. She also earned a M.S. degree in Environmental Engineering, with research in 2D material development for novel membrane filtration systems in wastewater treatment. Her work specifically focuses on membrane processes in indirect potable reuse schemes and the water-energy nexus. She works professionally as a regulatory agent/engineer, and in her spare time, she enjoys painting, hiking, wine & whiskey tasting, and yoga. 

"Our product line will continue to expand, and we are very excited to continue to share our brand and core values with others!"said Tranice."We have outgrown our warehouse space and production facility twice since launching, and I am grateful for how I can leverage my blessings to serve others, and I look forward to what Glass Skin Co. accomplishes as both a company and a stakeholder in the community in the near future."

Glass Skin Co. is an amazing company with an amazing mission. Check out Glass Skin Co. at the links below:


Twitter: @GlassSkin_Co

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