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Mental Matters Podcast

"Discussing mental wellness including self-care, toxic masculinity, and ways for Black men to be the best versions of themselves." -- Jerrell Mitchell & Richard Winfrey

Being Young, Gifted, and Black; Black Men Being Accountable for One Another; and Punishable Offenses by Man Law

These are just a few topics covered by the hosts of "The Mental Matters Podcast", a platform that was created primarily for Black men and other men of color. They discuss topics that "we as a culture shy away from and aim to erase the negative stigma of mental health by challenging toxic masculinity in Black men". They also strive to create a "safe space" in which Black men can express their experiences and journeys into manhood while highlighting and promoting resources for mental wellness assistance. The podcast includes interviews with specialists, psychiatrists, counselors, and other advocates of mental health in our community nationwide.

The Mental Matters Podcast does an amazing job of bringing mental awareness to the forefront through different platforms, including being mentioned on "The Friend Zone" Podcast and hosting their first ever live show at the 45th Annual Convention of National Society of Black Engineers, a platform that reached over 14,000 listeners.

Native to Detroit, Michigan, co-hosts Jerrell Mitchell and Richard Winfrey both obtained Bachelor's Degrees from the College of Engineering at Wayne State University. Their common love for sports, music, and self-care for Black men made them a perfect pair to bring this vision to fruition.

Jerrell is an Industrial Engineer in electric distribution, focusing on continuous improvement efforts and projects across the Metro Detroit area. He is an avid music and sports fan and maintains a passion for cooking. 

Richard is a Field Engineer in water and wastewater systems, focusing on maintaining and improving sewer infrastructure for the City of Detroit. He also focuses on giving back to the local community through his involvement in his fraternity and STEM organizations. 

A few final comments as described by the hosts: "Everyone experiences some level of mental health challenges. During the current racial and health pandemics, our culture is experiencing changes to our everyday schedules, which has afforded us the ability to reflect on our busy lives and figure out what self-care works best for us. Through transparency and community, we strongly feel that we will get through these times together."

You can check out the Mental Matters Podcast through the following outlets:

IG: @mentalmatterspodcast

Twitter: @mentalmattersp

Facebook: Mental Matters Podcast Community 

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