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Pickney Pocket

Express who you are and what you care about!

Fashion has always been a huge part of the African-American community. Whether it’s the runways of Fashion Week in Paris, high-end shops in Beverly Hills, or the continuously growing e-commerce market available at every corner of the internet — everywhere you look — style influenced by the African-American community is prominent in today’s world for people of all colors and backgrounds. We've always been leaders in the industry and continue to set trends to define "what's in".

Our fashion trends are always reflective of the current state of society. With pride in our culture growing immensely over the years, we (especially millennials), are looking for ways to not only learn more about our ancestry and history but also represent it. This reinvigorated sense of ownership has been multiplied lately due to the Black Lives Matter movement and fight for racial injustices around the world. Individuals are using every chance they have to promote their culture and where they are from. This is especially apparent in the organization, Pickney Pocket. Pickney Pocket strives to help individuals express who they are and what they care about by focusing on individuality, simplicity, and cultural/social awareness. They create custom shirts that showcase different countries and cultures via a shirt pocket for their customers to wear proudly. When asked why the company was created, Jhanielle Brown, founder and CEO of Pickney Pockets, said she wanted to make sure there was “the ability for individuals to freely express who they are and what they care about.”

Much more than just an apparel line, Pickney Pocket wishes to share with their customers useful information about their purchase. Each t-shirt pocket has background knowledge much deeper than what we can describe visually. For example, with their country flag pocket tees, they inform their target audience the importance and meaning behind each flag and how it relates to its citizens.

Our brand is built on encouraging others to express who they are and what they care about to others. By allowing others to express who they are to others, those individuals in turn will inspire others to do the same.” - CEO

About the founder:

Jhanielle Brown is a Jamaican-born creative and engineer that gets excitement from executing new ventures. She studied Chemical Engineering at Florida A & M University, during which she became involved in photography and turned it into a creative outlet. In her spare time, she enjoys photography, cycling and reading.

Final words from the Founder

“Pickney Pocket's target population consists of young to middle-aged individuals who identify themselves as patriotic, minimalist, creative and/or identify as black, indigenous or [a person] of color. Our pockets are handcrafted and tailored for YOU; this is not your ordinary pocket t-shirt. Be you.”

If you’d like to check out Pickney Pocket, you can do so at the link below.


Instagram: @pickneypocket

Twitter: @Pickneypocket

Fracebook: @Pickneypocket

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