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Simply Sapphire

All natural unique soap creations as well as home decor and crafting supplies.

As a society, we are continuously moving towards living greener lives. This is becoming more evident as we make smarter decisions about the ingredients we ingest or apply to our bodies topically. Movement away from toxins and and harmful chemicals is becoming all the more common and we get great satisfaction in not only knowing what our products contain but also understanding the natural components and benefits they offer. Simply Sapphire Design Co. has ensured their products are made with all natural products and minerals for even the most sensitive skin types while creating the most aesthetically pleasing designs that can fit into any household.

"I’ve always enjoyed using the creative side of my brain and this is my outlet," said founder Natalie Goodman. "I want to make beautiful products that people can enjoy in their homes". With a wide array of soaps, skin salves, and other natural products, Simply Sapphire encourages a fun, natural, and healthy lifestyle.

If there is one thing that was in high demand this year, it’s soap and other natural products. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are using cleansing products at an all time high. There is a lot of interest in understanding what kind of natural products will help protect us in these harsh times, and Simply Sapphire does their part to provide natural cleansing options with pleasing and attractive aromas.

Founder Natalie Goodman is a Graduate of University of Maryland College Park and currently works as an IT professional with a passion for art and interior design.

"In a time where soaps are at an all time high, simply Sapphire flourishes. I’m excited to see that I can create products that bring people joy. I hope to feel more fulfilled knowing that I created products that people enjoy in addition to building a successful small business. There’s so much more to come!"

As a sponsor in our Holiday raffle, they are offering 20% off all their products for everyone who secures tickets. You can find out more about Simply Sapphire by visiting any of the links below:

IG: @simplysapphiredsnco

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